Although technology is a dominant element of a project, Process Knowledge is the core aspect that allows the project to be successful. Our engineers are trained to optimize the performance of industrial sub units like Boilers, Turbines, Steam Let-down stations, Filters, Mills etc., besides setting up control systems, logic building and Human-Machine Interface (HMI) development.Our engineers have commendable experience in setting up Honeywell's Distributed Control Systems and Safety Managing Systems. Coming from a Control and Instrumentation background, our engineers study processes and suggest automation packages for solving issues like breakdowns, wastages, energy loss, and variation in product quality.

Solutions We Offer

Integerate Control System

Integrating control systems is part of modern control automation, effectively bringing the whole control process under one controller

SCADA Solutions

SCADA solutions provide the end user with flexibility to visualise data in order to control processes efficiently.

Process Loop Tuning

Loop tuning is an essential for process control automation. It consists of inspecting field parameters that cause malfunctioning.

IoT Solutions

IoT Solutions are paving the way for an industrial revolution by transforming manufacturing and integrating processes.

Why Automators?

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