With Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems becoming a vital part of industrial management, helping increase efficiency through gathering, processing and maintaining data in real time for smarter decision making, industries are increasingly installing SCADA systems in some capacity or other.

The Automators prides itself as being one of the pioneers of SCADA system services, having experience in countless industries, and capable of ensuring communication between controllers of various makes and manufactures.

Benefits of SCADA Solution

The Automators always wants best for their customers, thus providing satisfactory solutions. SCADA system has been emerging technology in industrial sectors because the redundancy control system and IED (Intelligent Electronic Device) devices ensure the plant's high and continuous availability

The data can be displayed in various formats as per user requirements.

It provides interface to connect thousands of sensors across wide region for various monitoring and controlling operations.

It is possible to obtain real data simulations with the help of operators.

Many types of data can be gathered from RTUs (Remote Terminal Units) connected with the master unit.

With the advanced protocols and application softwares, the data can be monitored from anywhere and not just from local site.

The redundancy of units are incorporated in the SCADA system in order to have backup in the event of faults or failures. This makes system more robust.

It is fast in obtaining response.

It is scalable and flexible in adding additional resources.

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