With new upgrades in technology, many things that could only be dreamt of are happening, and changing the very way industrial management and operation was perceived. One of the most important of these can be said to be the advent of Industrial Internet of Things or IIOT, which is the foundation of the on-going Industrial revolution 4.0 digitalization.

Benefits of IIoT

It makes every managers’ dream of real time process monitoring no more a dream. With the advent of remote connectivity, remote E-servers and other IIOT products, management and planning could never be easier. Further uses of IIOT includes the combination of IIOT with virtual imaging the DIGITAL TWIN of industries, which makes it possible to virtually visit sites without physical presence, conserving time, costs and ensuring real time monitoring, information communication and control.

The Automators has been partnering with multiple manufacturers to provide efficient, economic and viable IIOT solutions to its customer base, increasing productivity, helping save resources and ensuring time efficiency

Industries For Which We Offer IIoT Solutions

Why Our IIoT Solutions ?

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