Integrating control systems is actually creating a monolithic architecture of control systems for process control.

This can be called the most vital step in modern control automation, effectively bringing the whole control process under one controller.

Benefits of Integrating Control Systems

One may say, DCS systems are monolithic in architecture, with the ‘D’ in ‘DCS’ standing for ‘distributed’, and thus it may be expected for a DCS to control the whole process, however, in reality, in an industry, this may not be real, as many different segments of the process may be controlled by different control systems; based on functionality, safety and regulatory choices, access and permission restrictions, etc., resulting in a divided control architecture.

However, these factors still do not shadow the huge benefits that an integrated control system brings to a process industry. Be it communication, or for management and planning purposes or just for supervision, integration of control systems is needed and it is of great import.

Now, there are many solutions to this. Many solution providers may recommend switching, or migrating to new control systems, thus usually presenting a much costly and time-intensive solution, however, we at The Automators, with our long experience and superb solution-providing skills, try to integrate the existing systems, through network communication etc., thus saving costs and minimizing time delays to a minimum, keeping the customers’ best interest at heart, only switching to a new system when necessary.

The Automators has a long history in providing integrated control systems services, integrating multiple control systems, sometimes from multiple manufacturers into a single architecture enabling communication and unified shared databases, thus enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Reduce Overhead costs and unplanned downtimes

Increased production quality and capacity

Increased process visibility

Planning and execution

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