Sugar manufacturing is a much more complicated and carefully controlled process than is generally perceived. It constitutes multiple processes of chemical and other natures. These multiple processes increase the possibility of waste in the event of losses in efficiency or non-optimization of processes.


The Automators has witnessed the growth of the sugar industry over the recent years and contributed their fair share, making the process more profitable in terms of fuel efficiency, energy conservation, mill house crushing rate enhancements, reduction of mechanical wear and tear, boiler and evaporator process smoothness, and energy efficiency.
Most of our client sugar mills opt to automate their processes in steps over time, and we at The Automators have clear-cut plans for our customers to step-by-step upgrade and better their industry, increasing productivity and efficiency while reducing costs and process times.

Cane Feeding

This is the first step in the sugar refining process. In which we, The Automators, provide an optimum solution to control the speed of:
Prepared Cane Elevator includes mill Donnelley Chute Level Maintenance, Mill Overload Avoidance, Mill Lift Monitoring, and Lubrication.
Main cane carrier in order to avoid the overloading of shredders and cutter 2, and to keep monitoring shredder turbine RPM and lubrication.
Auxiliary Cane Carrier in order to maintain cane weight and avoid overloading of cutter 1.
The above services provide industry with the following benefits:

Enhancement of Crushing Rate—up to 15%.

Regulation of Bagasse Supply to Boilers.

Improvement in Mill 1 Extraction.

Reduction in Damage to Cane Carriers, Shredders, and Cutters.

Regular and lowered energy consumption at the above devices.

Milling Control

We are specialists in the area of automation in the sugar industry. The mill house, which is the major part of the industry, required an optimised and accurate solution. Our solution contains a step-by-step process that mainly includes:
Control of speeds of the Second to Last Mill to minimize chances of choking at their Donnelley Chutes and to maintain cane level in the Chutes for improved mill performance.
Manually control the speed of Mill-1.
To maintain the required dilution ratio, imbibition is proportionally controlled with mixed juice flow.
Maceration is controlled to maintain juice levels in the maceration tanks.
Following advantages industries got upon miling automation:

Improved extraction at all mills.

Reduced Bagasse Moisture and Pol.

Maintained overall extraction results at variable crushing rates.

Reduction in Damage to Mechanical Assemblies of Mills, Inter-Carriers, and Pumps.

Sustained steam consumption at different crushing rates.

What Makes Us Special in SUGAR Industry ?

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