Over the last 20 years, The Automators Pvt. Ltd. (TAPL) have been involved in several oil and gas projects across more than 10 countries such as Pakistan, the Middle East, and the Far East. Our expertise in engineering design and robust logical reasoning sets us apart and has been instrumental in our successful project deliveries.


The Automators’ solutions aim at improving production processes, limiting downtime, and increasing profitability in line with the customers' specified KPIs. With our certifications in key platforms, our experience in working in this industry, and our partnerships. The Automators Pvt. Ltd. (TAPL) work with their clients to develop optimized automation strategies, including:

Production Optimization

The Automators Pvt. Ltd. (TAPL) helps optimize oil and gas production by implementing advanced control systems and precise, optimized logic with real-time monitoring of production processes. This includes the optimization of wellhead control, production line control, and the management of subsea production systems.

The above solution provides the industry with the following benefits:

Reduce operating costs by optimizing production processes.

Reduce downtime and increase equipment efficiency.

Production optimization can improve the quality of oil and gas production by controlling and monitoring production processes.

What Makes Us Special in OIL & GAS ?

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