FMCG are the consumer goods that are necessary for living and fall under this category. These goods can be found in marketplaces, grocery stores, and retail establishments all around the world. For FMCG companies, it is crucial that there are no merchant stockouts and that the new products are made immediately accessible through the inventory. One of the prerequisites for such a job, especially when it comes to perishable items, is an effective network. Having a strong network between distributors and retailers also helps to offer customers better service and fresher goods. These supply chains have benefited from technology, as companies can now efficiently manage their inventories, streamline operations, cut costs, and boost sales through efficiency.


Outbound logistics is a critical step in ensuring that the entire supply chain operates as efficiently as possible while producing massive amounts of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) for high-volume sales. Likewise, The Automators has well-defined programmes for its clients to gradually upgrade and improve their industries, boosting productivity and efficiency while cutting costs and process times. Your outbound logistics process can be made more productive, eco-efficient, and cost-effective with automated FMCG solutions.

Process control systems

The Automators assists FMCGs in implementing control strategies that adjust the production process in real-time to maintain the desired product quality and consistency.Control strategies can include adjusting process parameters, activating alarms, or shutting down the production line if certain criteria are not met. Increase process uniformity and efficiency by automating the monitoring and control of crucial process parameters such as temperature, pressure, and flow.
Following are the benefits that industry gets from adapting the above solution:

Real-time monitoring of the manufacturing process.

Optimizes the manufacturing process, reducing production time and minimizing downtime.

System can reduce costs associated with material waste, energy consumption, and labour expenses.

What Makes Us Special in FMCG Industry ?

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