Power Generation Projects


Location: Korangi KPT (Karachi) Power Capacity: 250MW



  • In 2009, Honeywell's Experion PKS 310 was installed and commission with 3 x Redundant Honeywell's C200 controller, redundant servers and two stations with multi window. For one HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generator) installed on the exhaust of two GE LM 6000 Gas Turbines with a capacity of 25MWatt.
  • Configuration and communication of SCADA points coming from Steam turbine area, Water treatment plants and Electrical balance of plant


  • In 2015, another HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generator) with a capacity of 28MWatt was installed on two other GE LM 6000 Gas turbines for which the system was upgraded from Honeywell's Experion PKS R310 to R410.6 with an addition of 2 x Redundant Honeywell's C300 controllers and Remote IO rack of C200 controller no. 3 of old plant. Stations were upgraded from flex station to console station with an addition of 1 Engineering station and 1 operator station with multi window, new modular type GPS module was installed
  • Configuration and Communication of SCADA Points coming from New Steam turbine area, New water treatment plants and New Electrical balance of plant