Location: Mandi Bahauddin Sugar Capacity: 10,000 TCD


  • Automation of 6 Boilers, TALO Refinery, and Process Loops in 1996 using Honeywell's S9000 controllers and Honeywell's PC Supervisor (HMI).
  • Automation of Mill house in 1998.
  • HMI Migrated to Honeywell's PlantScape in 2000.
  • Upgraded Boiler Control to Honeywell's C200 Controller and Honeywell's Experion (R210) in 2004.
  • Upgraded rest of the Plant to C200 in 2007.
  • Migrated to Honeywell's Experion R410 and added control of a High Pressure Boiler in 2013.