A tool that measures or adjusts process physical factors like flow, temperature, level, pressure, etc. is known as an instrument. The term "instrument" refers to a wide range of devices, from basic valves and transmitters to more complicated analyzers. Control systems for various processes are frequently comprised of instruments. One of the key subfields of applied instrumentation is process control.Devices like transmitters, valves, VFDs, and motors are included in control instrumentation. These instruments have the ability to alter a field parameter and offer automatic or remote control through PLC, DCS, SCADA system, or other type of computerized controller.

Product Range

Control Valves

Valves are essential part of control loop which manipulates flowing fluid.


Transmitters are necessary equipment for process automation in order to drive a signal from the field to the control system.


Variable frequency drivers are motor controllers required for operating motors at variable speeds.


Motors are one of the actuators responsible for providing moving mechanisms to a system.

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