The Automators Pvt. Ltd. (TAPL) is a complete automation solutions provider for industrial processes. Since the last 17 years TAPL has been working in the field of automation and instrumentation. As an enterprise, we also provide a control system and other engineering items along with the most optimized and cost-efficient automation solution for our valued customers. Moreover, throughout the whole period of the project, from design to execution, and later, troubleshooting, our firm's engineers provide you with the best.
Our core services do not merely include the customary supply of control systems and their user interface, but instead, TAPL takes on the responsibility of installation, commissioning and down to the troubleshooting as well, by making extra efforts in optimizing the process to improve performance indicators, resulting in better energy and cost efficiency for the end user.


To be a helpful hand in the development of a modern automated industrial environment that is more efficient in terms of providing quality and quantity.


We have already been exceedingly accommodating to our sole customers and clients, The Automator’s next mission is to help the commercial enterprise drive towards Industry 4.0.


We pride ourselves for the strong moral compass that dictates our dealings and the embedded sense of accountability that urges us to give the best to our customers.


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