Life with Automators

We believe that a healthy body carries a healthy mind.. Our professionals and Engineering team enjoy occasional excursions in order to rejoice and celebrate their succeeded projects. Whether our teams are striving at a project site, learning in a training session or enjoying a reliever; we are all greatly submerged in the high spirit of share and grow.

We provide Internship to Engineering students. Students can contact us through their institutions written request. Students who wish to do internship at Automators need to ask their institution's corporate department to send an application to the official address of The Automators Private Limited. We will respond to their requests as soon as possible.

Interested Candidate Send Their CV at

Training & Internship

The Automators continuously strives for it's progress and the well being of it's working team. Fresh and experienced Engineers join us on base of merit. The Engineers go through rigorous training regarding all the endeavors of their job's requirements.

It has been our custom to facilitate the students and the new professionals who are seeking knowledge in the field of Control Automation and Instrumentation.

The Automators is proud to have helped several individuals in starting their carriers and in becoming successful professionals.

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